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Coiled bun.


Coiled bun is made of coils of hair. Coils are made by twisting hair into various shapes. Coiled buns look like twisted wire bundles beautifully decorated with flowers or hair clips and worn at any occasion. Though it may sound very difficult but coiled buns are quite easy to make on the contrary. Start with basic shampoo and conditioning. Use anti frizz serums. Blow dry.Β  Make out a ponytail at the back and tie its neck with a tight rubber band. Comb the tail and spray on some hairspray. Twist the tail clockwise till it forms a tight sausage and can twist no more. Wrap this sausage around the neck of the ponytail to form a coiled bun. Fix the ends with bobby pins. Your coiled bun is ready. You can go for the other varieties too. Take small sections of hair from the each ends of the partition and twist them clockwise to form coils. Fix such small coils on the head to give an altogether different appearance. Finally make a big coiled bun at the back. It looks awesome. Try on!

Wassup new: Use flowers and crystals to decorate your bun. It is manageable and very easy to make.


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