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Side bun.


Side bun looks quite sexy if done with perfection. Though it is not quite popular as its original style but it is altered and worn in many different varieties. Its original form is a tight big bun worn at the middle of the side f the head, just above the ears. But nowadays, its worn like a top knot quite above the ears. The most popular alteration is the messy bun worn at the side of the nape of the neck. It’s the most preferred form of side bun that is worn on the red carpet. It looks very sexy and feminine. Worn with an evening gown it brings out the elegance and oomph out of a lady. To get this hairstyle, first go for the basic wash and conditioning. Then use hair smoothing serums and blow dry. Give a side part to your hair which goes very well with the side bun. Collect your hair at the greater side of partition. You can go for a messy bun or a polished doughnut bun. For a messy bun, twist the hair at the bottom and folding them, hang the ends upwards. You may either tuck in the ends or hang them likewise as you desire. For making a doughnut bun, make a ponytail and wrap the ends around a doughnut shaped hair cushion. Move the cushion inwards as the hair get wrapped and the cushion slowly reaches the roots. Fix with pins at the ends. Give a shot of hair spray and your hairstyle is done!

Wassup new: Pull out a few flicks from the side and give your look a new dimension. Decorate with crystals in the middle of the bun. You look very elegant!

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