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Swedish Braid Hairstyle


A Swedish braid is the most decorative way of styling the hair and it is one of the unique medieval hairstyle. This style looks more complex and it is especially elegant when created with long hair. There are many people who want to have this type of hairstyle, but it may consume lot of time to achieve it. Here is a method that can help to get this hairstyle easily.

To create this style, first divide the hair into eight parts and tie a knot at the top of the head. Create a make a loop out of a hair strand and double four strands of hair through the loop. Next alter the hair strands to make them parallel to each other and remove the outer left strand to cross make it over the three strands. Now take the outer right strand over the three strands on the left and on the original crossed strand. Use the new outer left strand of the hair and cross it over three strands of the hair that is on the right along with the strand crossed earlier. Now again take a new outer right strand to cross over the three strands which is over the left over the strand crossed earlier. Continue the same process until you braid the entire hair and knot the hair strands together secure the braid. At last tie the braid across your head as per your desire to end the styling process.

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