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Tall buns.


Tall buns are extra shaped buns that give height to the face.  A tall bun looks elegant on every face shape and gives a certain added feminity to the persona. You might have to work a little hard than the usual buns but once made it will give a different dimension to your outlook. The person who wears this looks quite authoritative. To get this hairstyle, start with basic wash and conditioning. Blow dry. Comb well and pull back all hair on the top of your head. Make a ponytail out of it and tie the neck of the tail with a tight rubber band. Divide the hair in the tail into few sections and using a tight toothed comb, backcomb the sections one by one. Backcombing is done by holding hair in one hand and moving the comb through them to and fro. Backcombing or teasing gives extra height and volume to the hair. Now wrap the hair in the ponytail around its own neck. Tuck in the ends or use bobby pins. Shape the bun with your hands into a tall uprighted bun. Teasing allows shaping and moulding hair as air is incorporated into numerous tangles in hair. Pull out a few flicks and off you go!

Wassup new: You may wrap once around the neck of the ponytail and do it again if you have long hair. This also adds to the height that forms the long bun. A long bun is also called that bun which is quite long in shape and can be placed anywhere, on the middle of the back of head or on the top. Choose and try on!

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