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Double buns: Chinese ‘ox horns’ hairstyle.


Double buns is a hairstyle that was used in the past in many parts of the world. In this a bun is made on each side of the head and adorned with ribbons or flowers as desired. Though not very famous now, they can still be seen occasionally at some traditional instances. Double buns were quite famous in India and China before the mid 20’s. In China, this hairstyle is known as ‘ox horn’ hairstyle as it resembles the curled ox horns located at the top of each head on both the sides. This hairstyle used to be unisex there. In India this was popular in South and even adorned by some brides and decorated by flowers. Double buns are more frequently seen in children especially girls. For them, this hairstyle is called as Minnie mouse hairstyle. The double buns can be made messy or can be beautifully carved. They can be braided along as called as braided buns or they can be twisted. There are many categories here. You can make ballet buns, doughnut buns or tendril twists. You have so much to choose from.  Add some colors to your buns and make them funky as nowadays models on the runway are showing up. For some more classy look, try the classic polished buns.

Wassup new: Try the messy buns. The look is in and they really do look cute and chic. Adorn a sleek headband with them and be different for a while.

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