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Lauren Conrad With Rapunzel Chignon


Lauren Conrad has got one of the most beautiful hairstyle which is known as the rapunzel chignon. It is considered to be a very intermediate way of styling your hair. Most of the people wear this style only for special events as it gives a very special look. There is no need to go to a hairstylist to achieve this style as it can be achieved at home without any help. It is easy to create this hairstyle, but you must know what type of hair you have to use the right styling product.

To get this hairstyle, first tease the hair fully and make it smooth at the crown of your head to achieve the desired height. Then separate the hair into two sections such as left and right and reverse French braid on both the sections of your until you reach behind the ear. Start creating a regular braid and make sure to keep the braiding away from your head on each section. Now you can hold the braid in place on both the side of your head using a clear elastic band. Wrap one braid starting from left to right and hold it in place using large hair pins. You can also leave out few strands of hair around your face and make sure to curl it with a curling iron which can give a soft look. Finally spritz all over the hair with a strong hold hairspray to avoid flyaways.

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