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Making loose afro out of straight mane.


Loose afro is a hairstyle that is common in afro Americans having intense curly hair that form spirals and tend to be like a big hat of curled messy hair on the top of the head. Though this kind of hairstyle is difficult to make and maintain as it takes huge amount of time and energy, it looks great if done occasionally. To get this hairstyle start from basic shampooing and conditioning. Comb and blow dry. Now take tiny curlers and dividing the hair into thin but broad sections, wrap each section around them. Make sure you have around thirty to forty sections and the same amount of curlers. If your hair is thick you might need more. When done, give ample amount of heat from a hair dryer on warm mode. Release the curlers after a while. You will get tiny curls all over. Now take a comb with medium sized teeth and open the curls one by one by combing and backcombing them a little. You may use a teasing lotion too. You may leave the center part as such curled near the forehead to give more dimension to your look or you may open all curls. Give a messy look to the whole hairstyle. Spray on and your look is done!

Wassup new: This hairstyle is chic and you can make the best of it by using a headband to adorn. You look awesome!

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