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Tyra Banks Rounded Bangs


Tyra Banks has created rounded bangs with her hairstyle which gives a very unique look. The hair can be of any length to achieve this style, but you must make sure that it is straight. It can also look perfect for any type of face and it can also minimize your high forehead by accenting your eyes. This type of hairstyle can also add glamour as well as flair to your hair. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create this hairstyle without getting any help from a hairstylist.

To start the styling process, separate the bangs and then wrap it around hair roller to create the desired roundness. Next try to fast comb the hair with a large round brush to soften the hair and also bump the ends. Add a little amount of volumizing cream such as a mousse all over your hair. Now mist the bangs with a little amount of hair spray and also use the mousse over the wet bangs to keep them in place. To create a natural or sophisticated look, dry your hair completely with a blow dryer or a curling iron when your hair is damp. Try to comb the hair with a brush while drying it. Finally start cutting the bangs as they become long or unmanageable to stay in the same look. If you think this procedure is too long or difficult to follow just go to a hairstylist.

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