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Ultra sleek long mane with bangs.


Among all straight hairstyles, I like this hairstyle a lot because it is super chic, girly, elegant, polished and very sleek. The hairstyle is very polished and ultra straight. Many of us might need rebonding before going for this hairstyle. You need to have eye length bangs and same length long hair for this hairstyle. Even medium length will do. Short hair can go for this hairstyle but then this hairstyle would be called as the short bob. Wash your hair with a hair smoothing shampoo and a conditioner. Use hair smoothing serum on it. Comb and blow dry. Now, putting your bangs on the front, make numerous thin sections of your hair. Take a straightener and straighten up all the sections one by one. Dab on mousse before straightening to add for sleekness and manageability. Straighten up the bangs also, putting them in front. In the end, give a shot of hairspray and your look is done!

Wassup new: A relatively new treatment in making ultra straight manes is the โ€˜brazilian blowoutโ€™. In this keratin based chemicals are used to make hair ultra sleek and smooth. But due to formaldehyde finding in the samples, has been banned as it may trigger cancer.

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