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Voluminous and messy hairdo.


As much as messy look is in, voluminous look has gained popularity likewise. This hairstyle combines both. A voluminous lift to the hair with a messy updo backside. The look is chic and very in these days. It is elegant owing to the volume and it is modern given the credit to its messy look. Lets try it. Start from the shampoo and conditioner. Use hair smoothing serum. Comb and blow dry. Give a back sweep while combing. Now divide your hair into sections. Taking a thin and a tight comb, backcomb them or tease them by moving comb in the hair to and fro to give the messy look. When done, collect all hair at the back with your fingers, not disturbing the volume made by backcombing and muddle them with your fingers. Give a fold to the hair by folding it upwards and pin it up with bobby pins. Make a round bun like shape with your fingers. Backcombing allows shaping to good extent. Give a last shot of hair spray and your look is done!

Wassup new: Attach a crystal to its side and give a new look or wear a flower at the side. It will make your hairstyle speak for itself! Try on!

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