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Folded ends retro bob.


Folded ends retro bob is a hairstyle that comprises of a short bob of chin length and in which the ends are folded up and curled to give a retro look. The hairstyle is quite elegant and raises the oomph factor of the atmosphere. Such hairstyles were quite popular in the retro era where almost every hairstyle had a side part and curls. This look can be worn in any red carpet occasion. To get this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition. Use hair serum. Blow dry and comb well. Make a side partition to your hair. Bring the bangs to the front. Now make about five to six sections of your hair. Take a thin and a tight comb and backcomb each section to give it volume. You need not tease it much. Just a few millimeters of volume will go. Move in your fingers to create more space. Take a curling rod and taking in the ends, curl them outwards taking in just a few inches only. Release the rod and hair spray. When done all over, sweep the bangs to a side and spray a little. Your folded ends retro look is ready to flaunt!

Wassup new: You may modernize your look by streaking a line or two in bold colors. It will be a blast among the hairstyles. Try on!


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