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Front bang fold with faux ponytail: Going retro again!


Models at Barbie showcased another retro hairstyle. In this the front fringe is not cut as such but folded inwards by curlers and rest of the hair is made into a faux ponytail. The look is quite chic and apart from red carpet, this hairstyle can be followed everywhere. It looks as elegant as any other retro hairstyle. To get this, start from basic shampoo and conditioning. Dab on some hair smoothing serum and blow dry. Comb well and make a back sweep with the comb. Now making a triangle at the front top of the head near the forehead, pull out the section of hair that would had made the bangs if the haircut would have been done. Comb this section well. Take a curling rod and folding the ends towards inside, curl this section till the length of forehead. Release the rod when enough heat has been given. Make sure the curl roll does not break. You may attach bobby pins along its empty space to keep in place. This curl gives a faux fringe like effect. Comb rest of your hair into a ponytail at the back and while giving a second pass to the rubber band, let the two inch ends remain inside the grip of the band so that it gives a folded ponytail like appearance. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: Wear a polka headband to give full retro feel to the hairstyle. Wear a scarf over it and go retro once again!

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