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Kate Hudson With Hippie Braid


Kate Hudson has got a very simple hippie braid that is the easiest way of styling your hair for any occasion. This hairstyle will look casual with braids and it is also liked by most of the people all over the world. Most of the people wear this hairstyle as it can give a simple as well as beautiful look and it also very easy to create. Before going for this style make sure that your hair is long enough to create the braid and there is no need to get support from anyone as it can created at home on your own. Here is a simple method that is usually followed by most of the people to achieve this hairstyle.

To get this style, create a side ponytail and then separate it into two different sections. Leave out one inch of hair at the end and wrap it over each of the two ponytail sections. While adding the one inch piece of hair over the middle of the hair make sure to add a generous amount of hair from ponytails just like you do it in a French braid. This will help to prevent hair from moving out of your wrap. Now you can secure the hair using clear elastic and then style it as per your desire using your fingers. Finally use a strong hold hairspray all over the hair to avoid flyaways and make the hairstyle sit in place.

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