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Wearing scarf in a feminine way.


Models showcased a much feminine side of fashion by adorning a satin scarf over their tightly bound hair. The scarfs spread onto the head and the neck beautifully. Scarfs have been used all over the world to cover hair especially saving oneself from heat and dust. Scarfs are a symbol of respect in Muslim world. A scarf that cover whole of the head and neck is called as ‘Hijab’. It is a symbol of modesty and privacy. There are plenty of varieties of scarfs in the market ranging from satin, cotton and spreading over to various colors. They may be printed like in blocks, checks, transparent material, floral as in Hawaiian prints, etc. Models here show satin scarfs worn over their head beautifully. They were quite in the retro times. James Bond movies have heroines adorning this look beautifully along with oversized sunglasses. You can choose any hairstyle below a scarf. You can let your hair loose or make a bun. Most of the times, a high bun is made on the top of the head and a scarf is wrapped around that covers the bun but leaves the front top of the head bare. High bun gives more height to the face and it looks awesome.

Wassup new: Scarfs were first of all adorned by high class women as a sign of wealth and later on spread to other classes. Nowadays you can see teens everywhere adorning a scarf around their neck though wearing it on head is not quite popular.

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