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Hawaiian inspired crimped hairstyle with artificial flowers.


Hawaii is famous for its exotic beaches and floral prints. The hairstyles that are famous consist of mostly loose crimped hair adorned with big flowers. Models here showcase the Hawaiian inspired hairstyle using artificial flowers. The look is very feminine and chic. You can wear it on a beach party and even a beach wedding. It looks beautiful with all flowers decorating your long tresses. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. Dab on some hair smoothing serum. Now while hair is still wet, divide your hair into thin sections and make plaits out of them. Plaits are formed by further dividing each section into three strands. Pass the left strand over the middle and under the right one. Likewise pass the right strand over the middle and under the left one. Repeat and give many rounds like this till the weaving reaches the ends. Make multiple plaits. When done, dab on some mousse over the plaits and blow dry. When done, open the plaits and finger comb your hair. Give a side partition using your fingers and attach two big artificial flowers on each side. You may even use a single flower. This is very beautiful hairstyle that brings out a natural glow on the whole persona. Try it!

Wassup new: Use natural flowers like hibiscus, plumeria, gardenias, roses, orchids etc.

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