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Kate Upton’s messy round curls.


Kate Upton recently showed her round curls at Cannes. The hairstyle is very common and suited her persona very much. The curls were brimming with life and so was her attire. The hairstyle was a messy one and the curls though carved neatly, were messed up intentionally to give a frizzy air swayed appearance. The hairstyle is equally girly and lady like. It appeals to masses alike. This kind of hairstyle can be worn at any event from red carpet to a simple book launch or even a discotheque. To get this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition well. Do not apply anti frizz or hair smoothing serums. Comb and blow dry. Give a side partition. Make multiple thick sections of the hair. Take a thick curling rod (you can also use thick rollers) and curl up each section one by one. Make the curls tight so that proper round shape can occur. Release the curls from the rod and sway your head to and fro a few times to make the curls open up by their own weight and give a messy look. Move your fingers through the curls just once. Dab on hairspray and your look is done!

Wassup new: For a red carpet event, adorn a crystal by the side of your hair. For a beach party adorn flowers and for a disc party, use colored hair extensions or spray on hair colors in bold neons.

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