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Funky double ponytails.


Double ponytails are no longer the call of school going children alone. You try loads of newer things that today’s world has. This hairstyle is a funky one with colored hair extensions and ponytails done high near the crest of the head. It is chic, girly, brimming with life look. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. Apply mousse to make it shiny and manageable. Make a center partition and blow dry. When done make several thin sections of the hair on both the sides. Take a straightener and straighten up all the sections one by one. Then collect all hair of one side on the top and make a ponytail out of it. Attach colored hair extensions of choice. Wrap a rubber band around its neck. Repeat the same for the other side too. Dab on hairspray and your funky look is done!

Wassup new: Combine this look with colored headbands. If you do not have extensions, you may use color hair spray. They are temporary and last a single wash. Merge different colors and create a pattern of your own. For a beach disco party, attach some broad flowers on both sides. Wear crystals and pearls to look classy with funk. Go on!

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