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Hairstyle With Scruffy Bun


Having a scruffy bun can give a natural looking style for those who have long hair. This hairstyle has been popular among every woman from a very long time as it can be created easily and it can also give a great look. It is considered to be a perfect style for any formal events or even for a wedding. Creating a bun which looks neat can make your look simple, but a bun which looks scruffy can give a different look. Here is a simple way to get this hairstyle very easily.

Before starting the hairstyle make sure that your hair is long enough to create the bun which looks scruffy. You must have at least medium to long hair to make this style look perfect. Next wash the hair to make it clean and remove the tangles using a hair brush. Then spread a little amount of anti-frizz serum and brush the entire hair back to create a ponytail. To create a low bun place the ponytail at the nape of the head and to get higher bun keep the ponytail at the back. Use a bristled brush to get of the bumps on your hair and wrap the ponytail around the base. Use elastic to secure it at the back of your head and use bobby pins to secure the sides of the bun. Finally pull out few strands of hair from the bun and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray.

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