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Pompadours with scarfs.


Since scarfs are in these days owing to the awesome hot weather (thanks to the Sun god, by the way!), our todays hairstyle makes full use of it. The hairstyle comprises of high pompadours and half covered by golden colored scarfs. The hairstyle is chic, feminine and lady like. To get this hairstyle, go for the basic wash and conditioning. Dab on lots of mousse and blow dry. Take a section of hair from the front top of the head and backcomb it to get volume and height. When done, lightly spray and comb the top most layer to make it look polished. Raise the front section and make the poof pointed to make it a pompadour and pin on the back to secure it. The only difference between a poof and a pompadour is that a pompadour is a tall pointed poof whereas poof is a general term and can be used for flat poofs, round poofs, messy poofs or even halo poofs. Make a ponytail out of the rest of the hair at the back and wrap the ends around its own neck to make a bun out of it. Give a last shot of hair spray and wear a scarf around it in a way that half of the pompadour can be seen and the other half is covered. Your look is done!

Wassup new: You may even try bangs with scarfs. They look very classy. Try transparent scarfs, they are too beautiful. Try on!

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