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Side swept shambled hairstyle.


This hairstyle takes the messy look to a new height. In this the hair is side swept and part of it covers the face. Different colored nets adorn the top layer of this hairstyle. A quite exotic style to be tried. It can be tried for a red carpet event and is quite in for runways. It is chic and bold. Try it. To get this hairstyle, shampoo and condition. Do not use any hair smoothing serum, anti frizz or mousse. Comb well and blow dry. Give a side partition to your hair and divide it into five to six sections. Backcomb lightly each section one by one. When done, mash up the hair using your hands like potatoes. Finger comb once. Make a nice amount of hair cover your half face giving a sexy chic appearance. Attach a net over the top layer of the hairstyle. Fix with pins. Make sure the net falls over your face too. Dab on hairspray and your look is done!

Wassup new: Attach a crystal on its side and flaunt this hairstyle at the red carpet. It can attract mass appeal. Flaunt yourself by trying out newer hairstyles everyday!

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