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Top looped updo.


An updo’s value is increased by adding shine to it. The more polished it is, the more classy it becomes. Top looped updo is a classy updo with a great shine and beautifully carved. It is very feminine and elegant. It increases the oomph factor. To get this looped updo hairstyle, wash your hair first with a shampoo and then with a conditioner. Use hair smoothing serums. You may use anti frizz too. For greater shine, you may use ample amounts of mousse. Blow dry. Now collect all hair at the top of your head and make a ponytail out of it. Secure the tail with a tight rubber band. Dab on hair gel throughout the ponytail and comb well. Make out four sections of the tail in each direction, north, south, east, west. Take up each section one by one, combing and applying gel onto it, make a loop by folding it over the head and fix the ends with bobby pins. Similarly make loops of all the three remaining sections and fix them in the same direction, on the top of the head. You can make different patterns with these loops. When done, spray on some shiner and then a hair spray. Attach a small bow on the side of the updo and your classy royal look is done!

Wassup new: You can use crystals, pearls and shells too. For teens, try out this hairstyle with different colored hair extensions that may give boldness to your whole hairstyle. Try on!

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