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Aishwarya Rai’s gelled pinned updo.


Aishwarya Rai looked every inch gorgeous when she wore this hairstyle. She looked suave, polished and classy. Nevertheless, she is called as the most beautiful woman in the world, her beauty, her hairstyle and her every attribute proves it right. Her hairstyle is composed of a bobby pinned updo neatly combed up on the top of the head and held with hair gel.

To get this hairstyle, start with a proper wash and conditioning. Use hair smoothing serum and blow dry. Comb with a back sweep. Use some hold defining gel onto the scalp and the hair and once again comb backwards. Give a twist on the back and fold the hair upwards so that the tail may hang towards the sky. Fix the updo with bobby pins wherever necessary. Dab on a little hair gel onto the tail and mash the ends like mashing potatoes to give a stiff messy look. Use lots of hairspray all over. Your gelled pinned updo is done!!

Wassup new: Wear a sleek glittery headband over this updo. It looks classy. You can wear crystal chains over the updo. Make the chain hang from one side of the updo in a ‘u’ shape. It will create the needed panache and attraction. You look the best!

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