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Football buns.


A football bun is big round bun at the top of the head just in the shape of a football as its name suggests. The hairstyle is chic, trendy and funky. It can be worn at any occasion even the red carpet. It enhances the whole persona of a person and makes the face appear fuller and longer. All in all, it’s a gorgeous hairstyle. To get this one, wash your hair with a shampoo and deep condition it. Do not apply serums or anti frizz. Comb and blow dry. Pull all hair on the top of your head and make a ponytail out of it. Secure the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Wear a thick doughnut shaped scrunchie over the rubber band. Attach artificial hair cushions all around the neck of the ponytail to make volume for the bun. Now divide the tail into few sections and start back combing them. Tease them by moving comb to and fro through the hair. When ample volume has been made, wrap the sections one by one around the hair cushions and fix with pins. Make a round football shape out of it. Give a last shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is done!

Wassup new: Adorning a crystal on the bun may completely enlighten your look. Use colored hair extensions in the bun and change your look. Try on and on!

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