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Informal Bun


An informal bun is a perfect hairstyle for those who have long hair and it can be created very easily too. This style can also help to keep the hair away from the nape in case of warm or hot weather. The hair can also look neat and tidy if you wear this hairstyle. There are many people who prefer this hairstyle which also includes many celebrities as it can be achieved very easily. It is considered to be more relaxed hairstyle which can be created very easily when compared to other similar styles. To get this style just follow these simple steps.

To get this style, first use a shampoo to wash the hair and dry it as usual. Then brush the hair to get rid of tangles and create a side part. Collect all of the hair to create a pony using your left hand and keep the hair smooth on your head by combing it. Try to rake the hair from the front and collect it at the middle of the nape if your hair is of even length. Now start twisting the hair using the right hand until you reach the end. Hold the base of the pony and wrap the twisted hair around the base to form the loop between left hand and the head. Secure the hair through the loop and then pull it slightly tight. At last tuck the loose ends outside the loop and secure it with hairpins.

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