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Hedgehog Hairstyle


The hedgehog hairstyle was very popular in the 1780s during the Georgian era. Most of the people used to wear this hairstyle along with a hat which had a wide brim. This hairstyle will be more wider than it is tall and there will be fro-poof curls coming down around your ears covering them. Some women used to have longer, thicker curls along with rolls on the sides and there used to be a ponytail or an extremely long cadogan loop down the back of your head. This style was not so tall when compared to the hairstyles during the 1770s, but it used to be tall as well as wider. This hairstyle was also dusted along with white flour which used to give a powdered look.

To create this style, wash the hair and dry your hair as usual. When the hair is still damp spread a little amount of wax and comb it through. Start rolling the hair into sections and twist it into a bun. Secure the hair using hairpin at the nape of the neck. Leave the hair as it is during the night time and continue the styling process in the morning. Now flip the head over and shake the curls out or remove the curl one by one using your hands which may take some time. Start teasing the hair until your get the desired fullness and then spritz the hair with generous amount of hairspray.

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