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Messy high pompadours with crown sweep updos!


Models looked exotic with high top of the head pompadours and crown sweep updos. It created a gorgeous hairstyle that is sure worth a try. The hairstyle is very sexy and this has its own charm and beauty.

To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner for better shine and texture. Do not use hair smoothening serum or anti frizz. Blow dry. Now comb your hair. Comb upwards and collect some hair from the front top side of your head. Using a tight toothed comb, tease and backcomb it well. Raise this section to form a front poof. The poof should be 4-5 inches in height. Fix at the back with bobby pins. Now collect the rest of your hair at the top just adjacent to the back of the poof. If your hair is short, pin them up. If your hair is long, fold the hair inside all along the margin of the head to form a crown updo. Fix the folds with bobby pins. Make sure no hair hang down. Give a dash of hairspray and your hairstyle is done!!  One messy hairstyle and you can go completely different adorning this hairstyle with crystals, chains, pearls, beads. Try and create some spell by wearing this hairstyle!

Wassup new: Hand down some chains from the top of the pompadour, cover it with a scarf around your head and neck for the added elegance. You are done!!

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