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Side sweep ‘u’ tail.


Taking its inspiration from the aliens, this hairstyle can be well called as a technical alternative to popular hairstyles. Though not very popular but worth a try. This hairstyle can be tested for some day party or runway shows. The hairstyle is chic and quite polished. It gives the side sweep a new horizon to be tried. This kind of hairstyle is very simple to make. Start with shampooing and conditioning your hair. Use hair smoothing serum and blow dry. Comb well and give a side part to your hair. Take a section from the front top side of the greater section of the hair and comb it well. Apply some hair gel and comb again. Shape up the section into a tail and let it hang over the side of your face. Pick the other end and clamp it. Now collect all the remaining hair at the nape of your neck and make a ponytail out of it. Tie a rubber band around its neck. Now, open the clamped section and making a ‘u’ shape, tie the end of this section over the neck of the ponytail with some bobby pins. Give a shot of hairspray and off you go!

Wassup new: Use some wide metal accessories as in a metal butterfly to be attached on the side of the tail or a broad headband to give the full robotic feel to the hairstyle. Try on sometime!

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