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Triangular buns.


Triangular buns are buns that give height to the face and are made in the shape of a triangle.  A triangular bun looks chic and gives a certain added feminity to the look. You might have to work a little hard than the usual buns but once made it will give a different horizon to your outlook. The person who wears this looks elegant and suave. To get this hairstyle, start with basic wash and conditioning. Blow dry. Comb well and pull back all hair on the top of your head. Make a ponytail out of it and tie the neck of the tail with a tight rubber band. Do a little backcombing. Backcombing or teasing gives extra height and volume to the hair. Now wrap the hair in the ponytail around its own neck. When you give a second pass to the rubber band, pull out a thick chunk of hair from the top in a triangular shape and release the band at the fold. Wrap the remaining hair around the fold. Tuck in the ends or use bobby pins. Shape the bun with your hands into a triangular coned bun. Teasing allows shaping and moulding hair as air is incorporated into numerous tangles in hair. Flaunt your hairstyle!

Wassup new: You may wrap once around the neck of the ponytail and do it again if you have long hair. This also adds to the height that forms the triangular bun. Hang on some chains from the coned bun it looks awe!. Choose and try on!

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