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Four Strand Plait


A four strand plait is a beautiful way of styling your hair. This hairstyle may look very difficult to create, but it can be done in just few minutes with little concentration and practice. You must make the length of the hair is long to make this style look perfect. If you have a long hair then it can be easily worn to get a new look. Here are few simple steps that can help to create this hairstyle.

To get this style, start the styling process by creating a ponytail. Next separate the ponytail into four different strands such as two strands on top of the head and two below. While braiding the hair, hold the right hand side strands in your right hand and the left strands in your left hand. Start sending the strands between the middle fingers, then use your index finger and thumb to add the strands back and forth to braid the hair. Take the top right strand on top of the left strand and bottom right strand on the bottom left strand to create a base for the braid. Now take the top left strand with bottom right strand and send the top strand behind bottom strand. Make the crossing beneath and between original top right and the bottom left strands which will make the original top left strand the new bottom right strand. Continue the braiding process until you reach the end of the hair secure it with hair band.

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