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Hairstyle With Puffy Curls


Having a hairstyle with puffy curls can give a different look for anyone. If you have naturally curly hair this style can be easily achieved, but for other types of hair it may consume a little more time. The hairs which are curly are prone to frizz as well as flyaways which can make it look thick, puffy. These types of hairstyle may look as though they are very difficult to create and also not easy to control, but though it consumes more time then a normal hairstyle you can create them easily. Here is a process that can help to create this style.

To begin the hairstyling, brush the entire hair after washing and towel drying it to get rid of tangles. Then create a normal side part and mist all over with a heat defense product to protect the hair from heating tools. Next spread a generous amount of hair gel which made to your hair type as well as desired hold strength. Use a diffuser by attaching it to the blow dryer and start it from the roots. Lift the roots using your fingers and continue the blow drying process. Now separate a one inch wide section of hair to use the diffuser and release it while scrunching the hair. Finally spritz the hair with a decent amount of hairspray and make sure to avoid the roots. Then gently separate the curls using your fingers and mist a hairspray again for more hold.

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