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Letting your hair loose.


Well, letting out your hair loose is the easiest way of styling hair. No ardous buns, no tangled updos, no arm tiring backcombing, just letting your hair breathe. Isn’t that good! Letting your hair open into its natural texture and style is the most easy yet daring hairstyle. Very few people are indeed confident of their actual hair ability to withstand the whole day out loose. Specially the dry, limp variety often undergoes tangling and looks frizzy and messy. For the people who do everyday buns and updos this is a great way of letting your hair has its own life. Feel free for a day by keeping your hairstyle simple. Get a good, cleansing hair wash and condition. Comb well. While your hair is still wet, use your fingers to make simple curls. When dry naturally, these will form beautiful waves. Let them loose without using any styling products. Let your hair breathe for a day naturally. Letting your hair loose has its disadvantages too. Too much hair exposure to sun gives way to disrupting hair strands. The cuticles start to open and the strands break. Too much sun means too much drying and it severely affects the colored hair. Letting your hair loose all the time exposes the roots to dirt and you need to cleanse your hair daily. That means too much debris buildup and clogging leading to hair acne and infection.

Wassup new: Let your hair loose once or twice a week and let it breathe but make sure to protect it from sun by tying it and covering it whenever out.

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