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Oiling your hair perfectly.


As far as we all know, one thing that is age old regarding hair is oiling and plaiting. Oiling has been a great nutrition to hair since oils were discovered. Before the nutritional properties were discovered, they were used only to manage loose hair as they used to interfere in daily routine activities. Earlier oils were used as a dried crude product of coconuts. Later on scented oils became the cry and more after that, the flowered oils became popular. Sticky hair used to keep hold of loose dry hair and people began to realize that for a more formal look, oiled hair was the best. Since then on, suave and polished look has been quite connected with classiness. Later on, oils gave their way to gels, owing to the sticky nature and not so easy washing of hair dripped with oils. Nowadays, oils are left only for the nutrition of hair and hair massages. Usually it is implied that a twenty four hour application of hair oil before a hair wash is a beneficial way to induce good hair growth and improve its texture. Nevertheless, even a half hour oil massage causes good seepage of oil into the roots and causes the thin dried withered hair to expand and get volume. Usually thicker hair oils like mustard and coconut are reserved for hair ends as these cannot seep the hair follicles. Eucalyptus oil is a thin oil that can easily penetrate the roots so it is quite nutritive. Almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, rose oil, jasmine oil, gooseberry oil etc are quite popular among the hair oils frequently used. One has one’s own choice in preferring that. Nevertheless, coconut oil has been a favourite among many since ages.

Wassup new: Sleep overnight after applying oil to your hair. It saves time and you need not carry oiled hair to outside for keeping the twenty four hour routine. Oil up!

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