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Perfect Hair massage.


Massage is an easy and a refreshing way of healing one’s mind, body and soul. Hair massage has its own very benefits. It heals the hidden injuries, manages stress and improves circulation. It’s a good remedy for curing depression and indicing one’s mind towards inner strength and core build up. For a good hair massage, choose herbal oil or simple warm coconut oil. Let your hair loose. Comb well about two or three times to let the blood flow through your scalp. Now, using your fingers massage with warm oil. Do it slowly at first. Make sure every part of the scalp has been in touch with oil. Gradually fasten the speed of massaging. Do some plucking, rubbing, kneading, pulling, rotating and to and fro motions with your hands. Add oil frequently in between. Work out different strokes going from front to back. Use the tips of your fingers and palms of your hands. Goose berry oil is a good alternative for cooling hair and preventing faking and dry scalp. Coconut oil massage delays graying and thinning of hair. Aroma massage therapy is quite common in spas and gives inner peace and refreshment.

Wassup new: Try using a warm moist towel over your head after a head massage. It nourishes and strengthens your hair giving it the ultimate shine and lustre. Hair massage should be done around three to four times a week. Happy massaging!

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