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The perfect Razorcut.


Many of us are really embarrassed of our thin and limp hair and of the problems that we have to face regarding them in daily life especially when we want to go aboard an important occasion. Well, the truth is that maybe we havn’t explored the various fields of hairstyling that can change a complete persona wayward. Today’s makeover styles can change a simple limp looking hairstyle to voluminous heightened mountains that give your everyday look a different perspective. One such style is a razor cut. This haircut is relatively popular and requires least maintenance once the styling products have ceased their hold. An excellent alternative for thin, limp dry hair that can actually add volumes to your hairstyle. Try this once, its time tested! For once, get a side partition for this hairstyle as a side part increases the amount of hair that falls onto your face and gives an idea of thick hair. Get the haircut done in steps from behind by making out two or three horizontal sections. Let the upper sections be shorter than the lower consecutive ones. On the front sides, get the cut done slantily, like the hair get shorter in a slant as the scissors go up. This way you won’t be having blunt ends and you will be having longer looking fuller hair. Use some mousse over the hair, comb well and feel the volume building up. You will instantly realize that the thickness of your hair has increased manyfold. Its all due to a perfect razor cut. Try on.

Wassup new: For best results and adding more volume, spray on the ends and with a straightener, fold the ends towards outside. It will give a spiky appearance to the whole hairstyle. Turn out the front ends too likewise.

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