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Bee butt bun.


Bee butt bun is a bun that is so called as it resembles the coiled butt of a bee. Mostly used in children to get funky hairstyles but also seen in young girls and women adorning them. A bee butt bun is an easy way of styling hair and along with accessories and other styles included, can be worn at any occasion. Though it is funky but it looks classy and is worth a try. A bee butt bun is formed of coiled hair actually very tight coiled hair and wrapped around the neck of the bun. The wraps are placed vertically upon each other so it gives a non blending vertical effect of the hairstyle. If the coils are placed horizontally and concentrically then the bun is called as cinnamon bun. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Use mousse. Blow dry and comb well. Collect all hair at the crest of your head and start twisting clockwise. Twist till it can be twisted no more and forms a tight movable sausage. Wrap this twisted sausage around its own neck and keep the wraps stacked over each other to give a vertical bun effect. Fix with bobby pins at the ends and insert a hair stick to complete the style.

Wassup new: Bee butt hairstyle is a good way to curl hair naturally. Make a bee butt hairstyle with wet hair and sleep overnight. Open the curls in the morning to get natural wavy hair. It works!!

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