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Indian wedding hairstyles.


Indian wedding is a classic example of the real pomp and show the country people have to offer. The hairstyles during wedding are quite exotic consisting of mainly buns in the north and the plaits in the southern part of the country. The buns that are made are very suave and are usually hidden partly by the traditional veil and partly by the jewellery. Usually the buns are made on the top of the head over which the red and the golden veil rests, fixed with pins. The buns are made tight and usually incorporated with false hair to make volume for the bun. Use lots of mousse while making the bun so that it is quite smooth and manageable. Different types of buns are used. Looped buns, tight twisted buns, round buns, football buns etc. In the south the main hairstyle for wedding is the long plait adorned with the jewellery and the flowers. Usually the flowers are either wrapped around the plait or is attached as a bunch at the nape of the plait to give an impression of a bun with plait hanging down. It is quite exotic. Each wedding is a kind of royal affair so the bride has to look like a princess. Bun jewellery which is a composition of broaches and hanging chains is quite impressive and beautiful when adorned. Have a look and try sometime.

Wassup new: Indian wedding hairstyles do take in those things that are not common among the daily wear. Big buns and jewellery adorned plaits are a wow in their own sense and they fully compliment their dresses. nowadays, modern hairstyles that include half ties and loose hair have been fast indulging.


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