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Is plaiting good for your hair?


Plaits and braids have been in common since ages. They are considered as a good hairstyle for hair growth but is this really true? Plaiting and braiding pull the hair directly from the roots. They give the hair a pull effect that causes the blood circulation to enhance in that area. As a result the blood circulation improves with the pull and it causes good growth. Simple theory isn’t it. Contrary to this the pull and the stretching given to the hair during braiding and pleating causes excess distension and as a result hair breakage. Pleating and braiding too much can cause tangling and knotting and the hair breaks up as a result of numerous bends incorporated. That is why afro hairstyles that use cornrows and dreadlocks are more likely to cause hair breakage. Therefore once in a while hair plaiting is good for improving blood circulation but frequently it damages the hair by causing breakage. Give an optimum pull to the hair which isn’t so tight. You can go for two plaits or a single plait. Try numerous plaiting your hair and let the plaits loose in the morning to get a wavy hairstyle. Try it on. Its fun.

Wassup new: Use hair clips, hair scrunchies with your hairstyles to make it look funky. Plaiting is fun but too much tight may harm your hair.

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