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Lazy wrap hairstyle: Tuck a stick in!


Lazy wrap hairstyle is a kind of easy way of wrapping hair up while doing chores. Sometimes unknowingly we bun up the hair at the back and then tuck a stick or a pencil in to hold it at place. This is lazy wrap hairstyle. Not that it is quite absurd to look at, but it is quite beautiful when done. If your hair is messy, then a messy lazy wrap can be formed and when it is polished its just the sophisticated lazy wrap hairstyle. To get this hairstyle, comb up all your hair at the crest of your head or the nape of your neck according to your choice. Form a ballerina bun or a just a two fold wrap. Tuck the ends inside the bun. Take a hair stick or a thin colorful pencil (its funky!) and insert it into the updo using three motions. First, tuck the stick in from one side till middle third of its length. Second, give a straight motion that causes the stick to go beneath the two third of the length of the bun. Third, thrust the stick outside from the other end giving an outward and pull motion away from the hair. This engages a big chunk of the bun and prevents from opening up. Adorn with beautiful sticks you can get in the market with hanging chains and beads. Its gorgeous!

Wassup new: When your hair is quite messy and you don’t have time to comb it down or use styling products, pull out a few flicks here and there and give another dimension to your look. Come on! The messy look is in!

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