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Fan Mohawk


A fan mohawk is the most unique way of styling the hair which can make your look funny. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut in a vertical line straight up the scalp and start from short to tall hawk. You will not have any hair on the side apart from the Mohawk. It is not easy to create this hairstyle so you must get help from a hairstylist or while trying it out at your home get support from a friend. Here is a method that can help to create this style at home.

To get this unique hairstyle, first comb the Mohawk to remove the tangles and use a flat iron to get rid of any curls or waves in the hair. Put white liquid glue in a dish and dip the hands into it. Now smooth the hair upward from front to back. Next spread the glue from roots to tips of the hair with the help of a comb. To make the top of the hawk to be fuzzy spread the glue through to half of the way to the top. Leave the hair to dry naturally or use a hairdryer by setting it on medium heat. Make sure the hair becomes completely and the hair which has no glue will stay fuzzy. Continue the same process throughout the Mohawk front to back and at last mist the hair with a heavy-hold hairspray to make it set in place.

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