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Ficcare braid bun.


A ficcare braid bun is an easy way of holding hair up the neck due to some reasons basically heat or trying out newer hairstyles. A ficcare braid hairstyle is a simple hairstyle made of an English plait simply made and then folded to form a bun. Attached on top is the ficcarissimo which is a single metal long hair holding clip. This kind of hairstyle was quite popular during the nineties and slowly gave way to clipless ficcare braid. To get this hairstyle, start with a good wash and a conditioner, use a good quality mousse and blow dry. Comb well and collect all hair at the middle back of the head, a little above the nape of the neck. Divide the hair into three sections and interwine them to form an English plait till the end. Tie the end with a tight rubber band. Now give a three inch fold from the ends towards inside and go upwards towards the roots. If your hair are long, the braid will form around four five folds till it forms a rectangle. Fix this folded braid with a single long clip called as ficcarissmo. You may pin up at required areas if you want but with a clip it wont be necessary. This is ficcare braid bun. Try it out sometime. It works well on daily basis.

Wassup new: Use newer crystal embedded clips with this hairstyle. Hang long chains and flowers. Make this hairstyle spellbound.

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