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Gibralter bun.


This bun is a form of coiled bun in which the inner coil is pulled outside over the outer coil and fixed with a hair stick or left on its own. Its quite exotic and can be worn at any event of daily life. It is easy to do and quite stable due to the hold of the coils. To get this hairstyle, start from the basic washing and conditioning of the hair. Use mousse. If your hair is too slippery or silky you might use a hold defining gel instead or a hairspray. Comb and collect all hair at the crest of the head or the nape of the neck. Holding the ends at the one hand and the middle portion at the other hand, twist the hair and make a loop. Make sure this isn’t too tight, just medium. Give another wrap around this loop and then another till you reach the ends. Tuck the ends inside. Now, taking the first lip or coil in your fingers, push it outside over the second one so that it forcibly settles down on the second coil. This gives the hold to the bun. Insert a stick for better stay. This is the Gibralter bun.

Wassup new: Gibralter bun looks like an ancient Chinese single buns. You can best adorn them with hanging chain hair sticks and crystal Chinese jewellery. Try on!

Gibraltar Bun

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