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Indian Bitter gourd hairstyle: Folded braid schoolgirl hairstyle.


Well this is a classic example of school going children in south east countries especially India. Adults too used to adorn this hairstyle but not anymore. It was quite popular in adults during the pre independence and post independence times but nowadays it can only be found among the schoolgirls as schools there have a mandatory hairstyle requirement. Usually two folded braids are worn on either side of the partition but even one is quite common. This hairstyle is usually interwoven with ribbons of different colors and a bow is made on the top. It looks quite sophisticated and colorful keeping both fields in consideration during school life. To get this hairstyle, start with the basic shampooing and conditioning. Use mousse. Comb and then blow dry. Make a center partition. Comb and collect hair from one side of the partition at the crest of the head. You can collect them at the nape of the neck too. Make three sections and start interwining to form a simple plait. Insert ribbons and interweave along with the hair. When all hair has been interwoven, fold the braid inwards once and make the loose ribbons tuck out from under the neck of the braid (where braid started). Make a bow out of the loose ribbons and finish the hairstyle. Repeat the same for the other side. Your Indian bitter gourd hairstyle is ready!

Wassup new: This hairstyle is called as โ€˜Karelaโ€™ in Hindi meaning bitter gourd as the folded braid hairstyle looks like a bitter gourd hanging down. This hairstyle is quite common and very cute. Try it!

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