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Orchid bun.


Orchid bun is a bigger and wider form of cinnamon bun although the coils may not be that neatly done concentrically. It is basically a twisted bun that is formed from quite long hair. Medium sized hair can form this bun but of the messy variety since messiness increases the volume of the bun. As similar as for other buns, wash and condition your hair. Use mousse and comb well. Collect all hair at the crest of your head into a neat ponytail. Tie the neck of the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Now nicely comb the tail and start twisting it clockwise. Wrap this twisted hair sausage around the neck into a widely shaped orchid flower. This type of hairstyle needs around four or five rounds of wrapping to give the weightage and volume. The twists may lie upon one another and as wide as the hair permits. Give a final wrap at the boundary of the bun. Tuck in or pin up the ends. Your orchid bun is done. You can wear a stick to get hold of the hair and even use a hair fork which has more holdability. Try on.

Wassup new: Adorn this orchid bun at a wedding and attach some bun jewellery or flowers. They will speak up for you.


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