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Candice Swanepoelโ€™s crown braid with bottle curls.



Candice is a supermodel and so are her hairstyles that she adorns every day. Of course she has to keep up to the supermodel tag! This hairstyle of hers is a combination of a crown braid along with loose perfectly carved bottle curls. This hairstyle is quite girlish and chic and can be worn for any event ranging from a picnic to book launch to red carpet. To try this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Use mousse. Blow dry and comb well. Make a side partition. Collect thick section of hair on each side of the partition along the forehead border and make out a braid out of it. For making a braid, make three sections out of the bigger section on each side. Interwine these sections to form a braid. Along with these sections, weave newer strands of hair picking them from unused hair below the braid. Make braids on both the sides and fix them up with bobby pins where they meet behind the nape of the neck. Take rest of your hair and comb well. Take a thick curling rod and taking out bigger chunks of hair, curl the hair. Make sure the curls are not too much tight but enough to be called as perfect waves. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new: Braids, plaits have been in common a lot these days. Try out such unique styles and create a chic girly feel.



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