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Graduated Bob Hairstyle


A graduated bob is one of the ways to show your unique sense of style. The way you wear the hair can make a great impression at any place before interacting with someone. This hairstyle can be perfect choice for a professional environment and also contemporary enough for a casual environment. Most of the women prefer this style as it can be worn on the hair that is long or short by cutting it to your desired length. Following is a simple procedure that can help to achieve this style very easily.

Create a center part from top of the crown to down of your nape. Then create a curved section which must reach across the occipital bone at the back of your head. Hold your hair at a 45 degree angle to determine the overall length of your haircut. Start cutting the hair on both sides of your head and on the parting that was made at the occipital area. Continue the cutting by pulling the hair away from the head. Now take the guide hair away from your head below a 90 degree angle to achieve graduation. Repeat the same process on the forward sections towards the top of your head to the natural parting. Take the guide hair from occipital area and cut forward to create length at the front. Finally workup to the natural parting on both sides with minimal tension and continue hair cut up to the top of natural part.

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