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Pinning Up One Side Hair


Pinning up one side hair can give a very simple look for any one with long hair. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for most of the women for any evening or formal event. Most of them prefer this style as it is one of the classic way of styling the hair that is long. Creating this hairstyle can be fun way of adding a vintage touch to any costume. It is very easy to achieve this style when compared to other similar hairstyles and here is a simple method that can help to do it.

To start the styling make sure you have a medium to long hair and then wash it completely. Then comb the hair using a brush to get rid of any tangles. Now try to create two parts using a rat-tail comb by running it from the forehead to the crown of your head and make side part in the left or right side of the hair. Create two large pin curls towards the crown of the head and secure each of them using a bobby pin or two. You can tie the remaining hair into a high ponytail using hair elastic or leave it as it is. For additional styling create a large pin curl taking the hair from the ponytail and secure it below using several bobby pins. At last spritiz all over the hair with a shining hairspray to end the styling process.

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