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Retro tight swirled messy chignon.


Crystal Renn is wearing a messy chignon combined with polished front retro swirl. This hairstyle is quite exotic and as all the retro hairstyles is one of the most used one. A front swirl is a one favourite ingredient of the retro styles and combining it with messy chignon gives modern touch to it though maintaining its classy nature. To get Crystal’s hairstyle, start with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Do not use hair smoothing serums. Blow dry and give a side partition to the hair. Use hold defining gel onto the front over the root area and comb well. Make sure the gel does not reach the end area as it has to be kept dry and frizzy to get the messy chignon. Dab good amount of hair gel over the front section. Now, with a tight toothed comb, give a front swirl by raising the front section a little. Collect rest of the hair with your hands over the back of the head near the nape of the neck and mash up the ends to get a messy feel. Give a single twist and fold the hair upwards so that the ends hang out. Fix with bobby pins. Moisten the ends a little by using water and then mash the hair, muddling them up. You get the perfect tight swirled messy chignon.

Wassup new: Hang some hair chains from the side and decorate your hairstyle to speak for you! Try on!

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