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Double colored chunk flick with a faux bob.


Models adorning this hairstyle look quite exotic and experimental. This kind of hairstyle is quite suitable for runways and model parties. It is chic, girly and one of the best emo hairstyles, worth a try. The style combines front chunk flick, faux bob and hair coloring. To get this hairstyle, start with proper wash with a shampoo and conditioner. Use hair smoothing serum. Blow dry and comb well.Β  Give a center partition on the back and a side part on the front. If your hair is wavy or curly, you may need to straighten them up else you may proceed. Keeping a big chunk of hair on the front from the greater side of partition, hold back all hair into a neat very loose ponytail. Tie a band around its neck. Twist the ponytail around its own neck and tie the ends with bobby pins to form a loose bun. It will give the effect of a faux bob on the front. Now, take some temporary hair spray colors and spray some two or more colors on the front chunk flick. Use any pattern you like. Color them horizontally streaked or vertically streaked. Combine any colors. Your emo hairstyle is ready!!

Wassup new: Make newer hair styles by experimenting with hair colors, styling instruments and products. Let your hairstyle speak for you.

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