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Golden hair paint smeared buns.


Which girl doesn’t like her hair to be adorned with golden hair and beautiful orchids and walking beside a beach feeling like a mermaid. Well, this is going to be true today. Today’s hairstyle features golden hair paint smeared hair buns that are easy to make and more easy to flaunt. The hairstyle is very feminine, fairylike and quite imaginative. This kind of hairstyle can be worn at some red carpet and on runways. Nevertheless it is quite elegant and at the same time very modern. To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Use hair smoothing serums. Blow dry and collect all hair at the top of your head into a ponytail. Tie the neck of the ponytail, with a tight rubber band. Twist the tail clockwise and wrap it over the neck of the ponytail over the rubber band. This forms a ballerina bun. Now, take some hair friendly golden paint that lasts a single wash and smear it all over the hairstyle covering the front and the back alike. Blow dry so that the paint dries fast and doesn’t drip. You are done!

Wassup new: Attach some exotic hair crystals or flowers on the side and make yourself go wayward in imagination. Mersmerize!

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