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Pastry roll top bun.


Well this hairstyle looks as gorgeous as it sounds tasty!  A very chic and feminine hairstyle that enhances the elegance of the whole outlook. A high top of the head pastry roll bun has a retro connection too. Such rolls used to be adorned during the retro times but in a more elaborated forms. These buns used to be more heavier and fuller owing to the hair cushion fillers that were used. Rolls were used on the front top of the head too. A similar roll that is o the top of the head near its crest is called a pastry roll bun. Well its quite easy to make owing to proper practice. To create this hairstyle, shampoo and condition well. Use mousse. Comb and then blow dry. Now, give a center partition to the hair. Collect all hair to the back on the top maintaining the center partition as much as you can. Pin up the hair on the top so that they might not fall to the sides and make a flat ponytail out of it using pins only. Comb back all the hair and taking a curling rod, start folding from the ends towards inside as you reach the top. When you reach the top you will see you have made a thick roll. Slowly take out the curling rod from between without disrupting the roll made. When done, using bobby pins, fix the roll with pins so that it doesn’t open up. You may now open up the pins that you think are excess and were used to make a flat ponytail. Give a shot of hairspray all over and your pastry roll is done!

Wassup new; hang down some chains from your roll. You look gorgeous!


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